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Learning Management System

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Litmos LMS is designed to help save you time & money while avoiding the frustrations that other learning management systems can cause. Easily automate the entire learning process from when your users first signup to the completion of your customized courses. Deploying Litmos is fast and easy, but to truly understand and appreciate how easy it is, start your free trial of Litmos LMS today.


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    Learn More About Litmos

    There are many benefits to using Litmos, find out more about our features.

  • mLearning

    Mobile Learning

    Litmos LMS allows users to learn on the go from mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones & Androids.

  • Watch a quick overview

    Watch An Overview Video

    Watch our short, informative video outlining key features and benefits of Litmos's learning management system.

Why Litmos LMS?

Litmos is easy to use and SCORM certified. Because Litmos is web-based, learners can access your courses in the cloud and across multiple devices (mobile, tablets & desktops) such as Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad & Androids. Other benefits of Litmos LMS include:

  • Quickly create customized courses online for better training & information retention by your learners.
  • Better understand your users with Real-time Reporting & In-Depth Drill Down Reports
  • Easily organize your training programs by groups, teams, departments or individuals.
  • Simply Schedule & Track Live Training Sessions (ILT)
  • Seamlessly integrate your systems with our API.