Franchise Training

Find out how online training can assist in stream-lining your franchise growth

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Training Consistency Key to Franchise Success

Successful businesses invest a lot of time in driving brand consistency across their marketing or sales message, and in how employees represent and embody company values. A successful franchise must also ensure a high-quality, consistent experience to each customer and achieving that goal requires a clear strategy, explicit policies and procedures, and an entrenched learning culture.

“The promise behind the franchise is that customers will be provided with a consistent experience no matter which store they enter”

Geographically spread organizations have more of a challenge achieving brand consistency because although the offices all share the same brand, it is generally managed centrally from a head office. Franchise businesses and retail chains suffer this exact problem by their very nature of having many outlets spread out across a city, country or internationally, often with each one owned by a different person.

The chance of a franchise brand becoming diluted or distorted along the way is actually quite high because of the large number of people involved and geographic challenges. Yet, the promise behind the Franchise is that customers will be provided with a consistent experience no matter which store they enter, making brand consistency fundamental to their success.

According to research, franchising defeats most who try it because it requires a very specific skill-set beyond a ‘can-do’ attitude. With the most common complaint among franchisees being the lack of adequate training and on-going support, doesn’t implementing an online training system just make sense? Yes, it does.

It’s not luck that won SUBWAY®’s “#1 Franchise” title for 16 years, it’s their well-oiled franchise machine. More recently their success has been directly attributed to on-going eLearning initiatives and follow-up support that ensure brand quality and service consistency.


5 Great Reasons to move your franchise training online to Litmos:

1. No Infrastructure Costs
Easy account set up, no maintenance, hosting, or upgrades for the Franchisor to have to worry about. We manage it all.

2. Low cost, scalable system
Litmos seamlessly accommodates for your business growth and each month you only pay for what you use.

3. Connectivity on all levels
Support your franchisees and build community around the brand through a shared yet secure online space. Use it to give feedback on training, send out sales figures or industry-related news and make announcements to everyone in one hit.

4. Document Storage
Store your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) online along with your operations manual, along with special offers, approved advertising and any other related materials that should never be more than an arm’s length away from your franchisees. This way your online training system doubles as a document management tool.

5. Meet Legal Requirements
A comprehensive reporting suite in your training system means you’ll have most legal requirements ticked off too.


Getting Started

If you already run classroom-based training sessions, you’re half way there.

Simply take all of that content, upload it in to an online training system, tweak it for online viewing and you’re ready to send it our to your trainees.

It’s a fast, efficient way to deliver a consistent message to large numbers of people at once, many more than can fit in a classroom. It’s also the ideal mechanism to keep tabs on the progress of your teams and you’ll be able to spot weaknesses in real-time, see knowledge gaps and fix them pronto.


Online, Anytime, Anywhere

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products like Litmos are proving to be just the solution that Franchisers need, whether it be a CRM, accounting package or online training system.

A tool that centralizes data and facilitates faster communication helping franchisers to more effectively manage their brand, franchisees and their teams, is an invaluable addition to the toolkit.