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Elearning Facts for 2013

A recent study from, one of the leading online training companies for forklift training and certification, has released industry information for eLearning in 2013.  These are some of the stats from this report that I thought were interesting:

  • 77% of American Corporations use online learning.
  • Corporations save 50-70% when they replace instructor-based training with e-Learning.
  • 72% of companies surveyed report that e-Learning keeps them on top of their industry changes.
  • 23% of employees leave their jobs because the position lacks opportunity for development and training.
  • 85 cents of every dollar is tied up in delivery of information (instructor time, travel, etc.)
  • E-Learning is proven to increase knowledge retention by 25-60%.

Read the full report and view the pretty infograph here:


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