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12 Reasons to Move to Web-Based Training

I have compiled a list of 12 reasons why adopting an elearning approach to training can be a beneficial training solution.
  1. Lower cost without sacrificing quality - When compared to classroom training, web-based learning can save 85 cents for every dollar.
  2. Convenience - A learner is able to access a course when and where they are ready.  Not when a classroom and trainer are ready.
  3. Instant and real-time reports - Results from assessments & training material completion can be instantly complied to allow reporting on individual treainee’s progress.
  4. Speed of delivery - The same training that can be done in a few hours online will generally take weeks in a classroom.
  5. Consistency – Each time the training is conducted, the training is exactly the same unless deliberate changes have been made.
  6. Scalable – Training is easily scalable allowing large numbers of people to complete training in a matter of hours.
  7. Non threatening environment – Classroom training can bring back bad memories for a lot of people.
  8. Geographic boundaries broken – With worldwide internet coverage increasing, training material can be accessed at anytime and completed or referred back to from different geographical locations.
  9. Reduced stress – Training is completed in the trainees time, allowing all trainees to work at their own pace to absorb the learning objectives.
  10. Increased Retention Rates - Elearning is proven to increase knowledge retention by 25-60%.
  11. Fun and Interesting – It may include text, video, audio, animation, games and virtual environments.
  12. Complete Training History – As all training is completed online using consistent methods, managers can automatically access complete training histories of completed courses and achievements.

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  • Syed Amjad Ali

    Good points that you have shared to move to web based training. Keep Going!! All the Best

  • Vamshi

    All these are great reasons to move
    to online training. I think apart from these reasons through thiss we can save our valuable time also.

  • mgoepp

    Great point, Vamshi! Being a time saving is a huge reason to move to web based training.

    Thanks, Syed, for the great wishes!