Integrate with your Systems

Use our “Magnum” API to seamlessly share information between Litmos and your other systems.

A diagram showing system integration

Single Sign-On

Enable single sign-on so that your people dont have to remember their Litmos password.

Manage user accounts

Use Magnum to automatically create new user profiles and assign training in Litmos from your other HR systems.

REST-based API

We’ve tried hard to make Magnum as RESTful as possible so your developers should find it easy to work with our API.

API documentation

Integrate with other great tools


Sell your courses online using PayPal to enable automated course registration and payment.

Google Analytics

Track page views and monitor your sales funnel for ecommerce enabled courses using Google Analytics.

For more information about setting up ecommerce in Litmos check out the ecommerce section of the Litmos Help Guide.