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February 10, 2012: This weeks Litmos upgrades

On Wednesday 8th February our development team released the following new features and enhancements:

  • Custom fields available on the user profile.
    A highly requested addition to the system, you can now create your own custom fields for learners to fill in upon first sign-in or within their profile area which means you can now collect more information about your learners than ever before! Check it out by going to the “Account” tab, then “Messages & Labels” area and scroll down to “Custom User Data / Fields”:

  • Report on Custom Fields
    In relation to the custom fields mentioned above, that new user data is now available in user and custom reports:

    Also, the custom fields can be added to certificates as placeholders. The new placeholders that you can now add are as follows:


  • New custom report to drill down into user’s modules
    Our reports area is slowly getting an overhaul and this week we added a new way to view your user course / module results. In the Custom reports area, select the User Report and try searching on all users and a specific course. You will see a new icon to expand the users course results to show a module view on the same page:


  • Minor enhancements to result editing/ hiding assessment results and messages

    You will now find a new setting in the Assessment module ‘Edit Settings’ area to give you more control over the assessment results that your learners can see:

    There have been a few minor adjustments to the way course results are edited such as  when you update a learner’s course result to ‘complete’ you no longer have to check all the boxes but can make one adjustment at the top:

    Also, when you change a user’s compliance date this will automatically update the compliance date on their certificate:

    Finally, the Team Leader Dashboard feed now only shows activity for users that belong to the Team Leader’s teams.


Send us an email if you would like more information on any of the above topics.


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  • lms system

    Really very great work. Very useful updates done. Hoping to see more updates. Congrats for this great work. 

    • Nicole Fougere

      Thank you!

  • Peter Fritz

    I love your product. I’ve spent 18 months labouring through a large range of LMS solutions, none of which provided a simple, usable SOLUTION. The only really important enhancement I think you need to tackle is the ability for the Account Owner to disable Team Leaders’ ability to add users. We will be deploying Litmos to our clients (car and truck dealers worldwide) and really need to stop them from adding users, otherwise we run the risk of them adding hundreds of users and sending us broke! We still need each Team Leader (an assigned ‘admin person’ within each dealership) to view reports relating to their team members but NOT to add users. Please, please do this. It’ll open up your product to so many other users, I guarantee it.

    • Nicole Fougere

      Hi Peter,

      Thank you for your comments! I made sure that our development team saw your suggestions and we will do our best to accommodate the changes you mention, in a future update.

      Best wishes,