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The First Four Languages Are Here!!!

There has been great anticipation, both in the Litmos team and with our customers, for the first release of our languages package.  And now it is finally here!

What is included in this release?  

This release allows for learners to take courses in:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French Canadian

Each learner will be able to access their personal settings and change their language settings to their preferred language.

They can do this by clicking My Profile & Settings in the top right corner and selecting Edit my profile.  At the bottom, below Time Zone, the user can choose the language they prefer.  This document describes these steps in more details.

An Account Owner may also set a default language within the Messages & Labels subtab within the Account tab.

What will be included in future language releases?

For the next few months, we will deliver additional releases that enhance the language experience of Litmos including adding 19 languages (which languages will be announced at a later date) and the ability to use your preferred language in the Administrator view.

Note:  These changes will not change course material, therefore, if you expect learners to use a variety of languages, we suggest creating courses in each of these languages and setting up categories to group these courses by language.

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  • INFACT2013

    You really need to work on Chinese language.  This will change everything for those customers that need this langauge pack.