Best mLearning Platform

Build Once, Deploy to Many.

All mLearning courses that are created using the Litmos online learning management system will automatically be ready for access via iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices.

Learning on the Move

The adoption rate of internet capable mobile phones is exploding worldwide, so it makes sense to have your content available for mobile devices. With Litmos mobile, users can access your online courses from the bus, train or the sofa. Awesome!




Mobile Optimized Video

When you upload any video file to Litmos we create multiple versions of your mLearning video file that are optimized for playback on desktop/laptop computers, iPads and mobile phones.

We do this because when you’re dealing with mobile there are vast differences in the speed and quality of your end user’s internet connection. By creating multiple versions of your video, we can improve the chances of your learners having an enjoyable learning experience.


The iPad, iPhone and Android phones all support the opening of Microsoft Word and Excel documents, PDFs and images. When you upload these kinds of documents to your Litmos learning management system course they can all be accessed via the mobile device.


Attach notes to your mLearning course to keep your learners up to date with the latest changes or enhancements.