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My Top 5 Training Development Tips

The world of Corporate Training is really not that complicated. But with all of our instructional models and frameworks, we like making it a little more complicated than others believe it to be. There are situations where all the detailed processes of instructional design are required.  But, in my experience, those projects are rare.  The perceptions others have of your work is critical to your success. Here are my top 5 development tips that will increase your perceived value within … Continue reading

Now we’re getting somewhere – HTML5 Converter for Captivate 5.5

So, here’s an exciting development posted on the Adobe Captivate Rapid eLearning blog today – HTML5 Converter for Adobe Captivate 5.5 is Here! What we’ve got here is an Adobe Lab that you can download to convert your Captivate 5.5 SWF content to HTML5 for playback on devices that do not support Flash, such as the iPad or iPhone – cool!  There are two links to example content on their post – one with audio, one with interactions – to test out. … Continue reading

Excited to work with our new friends, Rapid Intake

You may have already heard the news as the press release went out at the end of last week –  Callidus Software (NASDAQ: CALD), the US Public company that acquired Litmos in June this year, has now also acquired award-winning eLearning authoring tool, Rapid Intake! Rapid Intake offers up a suite of authoring products for developing online and mobile courses. While we’re very excited to work with our new friends, we’re really amped about their collaborative authoring tool, Unison, which drives to make … Continue reading

Guerrilla-style Rapid Development with Adobe Captivate, Part I

Hi there, Litmos community! This week, we’re going to shift gears. Today’s post is the first of a multi-course feast. In the coming weeks, we’ll talk about a guerrilla process for systems training. As internal or external training consultants, most of us know what it’s like to be understaffed (or over-committed), without a project manager, while facing a time crunch. A scoping/task analysis/design/development cycle can crawl along, especially with reviews and slippage. I’m proposing that with a little front-end work … Continue reading

Efficiency in eLearning: Master Slides in Adobe Captivate 5 (Part II)

Greetings, Litmos community! We’ve been taking a look at how to create efficiency when designing/developing eLearning in Adobe Captivate 5. Adobe recently added a killer master slide feature to Captivate. If you’re familiar at all with how to use multiple master slides in PowerPoint, you have some idea of how effective this function could be when creating eLearning. Master slides are cool. You can reuse elements (like backgrounds and text boxes) without pasting them in over and over again. You … Continue reading