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Litmos Featured Client – Computer Troubleshooters

This month we’re pleased to introduce Computer Troubleshooters, a happy Litmos customer since July 2009. Many of you will be familiar with them as the largest ‘international network of franchisees providing onsite computer services to home and business users.’ Launched in 1999, Computer Troubleshooters now has more than 475 franchises in more than 20 countries. They provide a comprehensive range of computer / technology solutions to small business owners (typically with 1 to 25 staff) and private home users. Whether … Continue reading

Why Won’t the Franchise Industry Listen?

I stumbled upon a good post by Bob Brogan of Interactyx the other day called Franchise Training Fails Customers and Franchisees. I felt it very worthy of a mention considering he has ‘nearly 20 years of professional experience within the franchising business arena’. Brogan points out, as have I, that delivering a consistent customer experience is integral to creating and maintaining a successful franchise. By their very definition, it’s what a franchise needs to provide to its customers. The way … Continue reading

Online Training Popular with Franchise

Australian franchise Hungry Jacks announced yesterday that it had broken through a number of online training records. For those who are unfamiliar with the brand, Hungry Jacks is the ‘exclusive Australian master food franchisee of the Burger King Corporation‘. Basically, when the BK franchise moved in to Australia the name “Burger King” had already been trademarked to a business, and so they chose to operate under a new name. Hungry Jacks uses an online training platform as its ‘official communications, … Continue reading

How SaaS is Changing the Franchise Industry

The most successful businesses invest a lot of time and money in achieving brand consistency, whether it be in their marketing or sales message, or in how their employees actually represent and embody the company’s values. Geographically disperse organizations have more of a challenge maintaining brand consistency because although the offices all share the same brand, it is generally managed centrally from a head office. Franchise businesses and retail chains suffer this exact problem by their very nature with many … Continue reading

Franchise Success with Online Training

When you think of successful franchises, the first ones that probably spring to mind are fast food chains like McDonalds and SUBWAY®. Whether you like these brands or not they are undeniably successful, and it is ‘training’ that has played an integral part in that success, yet each has achieved it through a different training mechanism. McDonald’s say they have just over 31,000 local restaurants, in 118 countries on their website. This franchise realized the importance of training from day … Continue reading