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How Do I Get My Stuff Online?! The Fun-filled World of Authoring Tools

Let me wish you a happy and productive new year from the Litmos blogging team! It’s time to continue with our occasional manifesto on how to bring eLearning to your organization (and maximize the use of your LMS). This is a food-for-thought post on authoring tools. Many Litmos clients (and others tasked with magically converting an organization’s assets into eLearning) struggle with process at the outset. There is a seemingly endless stream of information, and quite a high percentage is … Continue reading

Nanotech and Biotech Research at Singularity University, Silicon Valley – inspiring stuff!

Last night while flicking through the channels I stumbled on a 60 minutes story about the Singularity University (Silicon Valley) and two brothers from New Zealand who, out of 3000 applications worldwide, were accepted in to 2 of only 120 places at the university. For starters, it blew me away to think these guys grew up minutes from where I spent a few of my childhood years – that would be the little ol’ sleepy suburban area of Torbay on … Continue reading

Elearning Using Litmos Now An Integral Part of a Call Center Business

Learning online is now a worldwide phenomenon. Many companies have moved towards having either all, or part of their staff training programs online. The ability for employees to study in the office and not spend precious company time away from the business is attractive to employers. New employees are able to experiment with technology without fear of making a mistake. Online training programs allow them to keep practicing until they ‘get it right’ so that when they formally start the … Continue reading