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Efficiency in eLearning: Master Slides in Adobe Captivate 5 (Part II)

Greetings, Litmos community! We’ve been taking a look at how to create efficiency when designing/developing eLearning in Adobe Captivate 5. Adobe recently added a killer master slide feature to Captivate. If you’re familiar at all with how to use multiple master slides in PowerPoint, you have some idea of how effective this function could be when creating eLearning. Master slides are cool. You can reuse elements (like backgrounds and text boxes) without pasting them in over and over again. You … Continue reading

Litmos Releases Certificates and Other Cool Features!

Our release today has seen a few very exciting changes roll out, one of which is the addition of certificates to the Litmos LMS. Certificates So, first up, you can now add a certificate to any course you build in Litmos. This will then be issued to the learner as a PDF upon successful completion of your course. Here’s a post from our Help Guide to give you a little more info about that: How to Add a Certificate to … Continue reading

The Litmos Help Guide

I’ve been posting lots of help articles over on the Litmos Help Guide lately, so don’t forget to check it out if you have any questions about how our LMS works or need directions using a particular feature: Litmos Help Guide If you find your question is not answered then send it through to support@litmos.com and one of our friendly team will make sure to respond. I’ve also started a section on PowerPoint design tips so I’ll be adding links … Continue reading

We’ve improved email branding and delivery in Litmos – yay!

Over the weekend we released a major upgrade to the way that Litmos sends emails. What this means for you is more of the emails that Litmos sends out to your students will find the inbox rather than get caught in spam or junk filters. Over the past year the number of emails that Litmos sends every day to students all over the world has been growing rapidly. With the increased quantity of emails being sent we have noticed an … Continue reading

New Litmos Feature: Custom Timezones

You may think this has been a long time coming, but to be honest it has really only been a highly requested feature in the past few months. So without further ado, allow me to introduce the latest new feature rolling out today to all Litmos accounts – Custom Timezones. How does it work?Well, with our new custom timezones feature all users, administrators and learners, can set their own custom timezone based on their location. This means that all course … Continue reading