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My Top 5 Training Development Tips

The world of Corporate Training is really not that complicated. But with all of our instructional models and frameworks, we like making it a little more complicated than others believe it to be. There are situations where all the detailed processes of instructional design are required.  But, in my experience, those projects are rare.  The perceptions others have of your work is critical to your success. Here are my top 5 development tips that will increase your perceived value within … Continue reading

How Can a Learning Management System Benefit Your Company?

The combination of new hires, current employees, and veteran executives are the driving success of any company. This means that all new information must be seamlessly distributed throughout the various departments of the organization. If there is no process in place to keep individual employees accountable for necessary training about company policies or products they deal with on a daily basis, then you cannot expect employees to perform at their optimum potential. A Learning Management System (LMS) solves this issue with flying colors. Value … Continue reading

Online Learning for Non-Profit Organizations

One of the best ways to help a cause is through education.  However, education efforts can be costly, ineffective or worse, both.  With online learning, you can minimize cost for maximum educational reach. How can you use online learning to increase your efforts? Offer courses as a give-away for donations or to contributors. Sell courses related to your subject matter as a way to create revenue. Share your knowledge to the world to encourage the public to get involved. Educate workers … Continue reading

Are You Responsible for Their Learning?

I was reading this article the other day, which is a story about how the CEO of PayPal recently condemned his staff in a company-wide email for not using the Paypal app on their own mobile devices. My first reaction was ‘surely you can’t condemn staff who don’t like your app?’ Isn’t it worse for them to pretend to find the PayPal app useful and only download the app to keep their boss happy? But this guy is the CEO of a successful tech startup (many reports I … Continue reading

Learning Paths, Themes and Notifications

It has been a great start to the new year!  We have our Q1 release coming up this weekend and we are really excited about the new features!  In this release, we are introducing a few features that users have been asking for, including Learning Paths, new Layouts, more Notifications and bug fixes. Learning Paths Previously, content could be organized in two layers, courses and modules.  A learner would access a course which contained multiple modules that would contain the content.  We … Continue reading