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The LMS is Evolving…not dying!

I’ve written about the death of the Learning Management System, or LMS, in the past, and I’ve read others discussing the death of the LMS. I’ve been a firm…um…disliker (I know it’s not a word)…of LMSs for most of my career.  That is until 2007 when I first saw Litmos.com.  Now it seems a bit ironic that I would be working for and promoting an LMS company. But the LMS of old is already gone. The first generation LMS born in … Continue reading

Top 5 Corporate Training Department Guiding Principles

Does your training department have a list of guiding principles? If not, then you can have mine.  Well, at least it’s a place to start.  You may end up with something different, but it will get you and your team thinking. Sometimes documenting high level thoughts, ideas, or principles, can feel like a waste of time. I’ve been in more than one company spending way TOO much time trying to get the wording just right.  And then at the end of … Continue reading

Litmos Listed as Favorite LMS User Interface

The New Talent Timeswrote a nice blog post last month and listed their favorite LMS user interface designs. I’ve always loved the LitmosLMS for it’s ease of use, and so I am not surprised that others find it appealing. “Software Advice, a company that reviews HR & LMS technology, chose Litmos because it makes course navigation simple — for both learners and administrators. Its administrator interface allows for report generation, enrollment tracking as well as the ability to send direct messages to learners. … Continue reading

My Top 5 Training Development Tips

The world of Corporate Training is really not that complicated. But with all of our instructional models and frameworks, we like making it a little more complicated than others believe it to be. There are situations where all the detailed processes of instructional design are required.  But, in my experience, those projects are rare.  The perceptions others have of your work is critical to your success. Here are my top 5 development tips that will increase your perceived value within … Continue reading

How Can a Learning Management System Benefit Your Company?

The combination of new hires, current employees, and veteran executives are the driving success of any company. This means that all new information must be seamlessly distributed throughout the various departments of the organization. If there is no process in place to keep individual employees accountable for necessary training about company policies or products they deal with on a daily basis, then you cannot expect employees to perform at their optimum potential. A Learning Management System (LMS) solves this issue with flying colors. Value … Continue reading