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How Do I Get My Stuff Online?! Intro to Authoring Tools

Hello, Litmos community! For those of you tasked with making an organizational transition to eLearning, we salute you—in all your overworked glory. In a previous post, we emphasized the point about having an eLearning philosophy (and standards) in place to encourage you to begin at the beginning. Tools change and evolve. You will probably master multiple platforms. Your personnel may come and go. Nevertheless, the philosophy you adopt and build will work across tools, and can be shared with different … Continue reading

How Do I Get My Stuff Online?! Philosophy Break

Greetings, worldwide Litmos community! This was going to be a post on the nuts and bolts of Adobe Captivate, but… it’s not. A few people have asked me what I meant by choosing an eLearning philosophy (subtle, gently probing, questions like “What are you talking about, fool?”). OK,” philosophy” was a bit grandiose. We, the people of Litmos, are nothing like these four guys you see at left. Philosophy? The idea is to pick an initial set of guidelines or … Continue reading