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What Does Apple Announcement Day have to do with eLearning?

This morning will most likely be the most unproductive morning for Apple enthusiasts since…well…the last Apple announcement. Except for tech journalists who will be busy, and have been bored since iPhone 5s. There will be live video streams, live blogs, hashtags, instagrams, Vines, hyperlapses, 360s, cats and dogs living together…mass hysteria! (+1 if you can name the movie) Social media is still a new phenomenon. It’s the digital wild west with no rules. However, if you ever wanted to see how … Continue reading

Let Me Introduce Myself…

Greetings, Litmos community! Thanks to Nicole and Rich, I’ll be helping out with the blog. Our goal is to speak to (and with) Litmos trial users, Litmos clients, eLearning peers, and anyone getting into online learning. The Litmos team gave me one strict editorial requirement—Write about whatever you want. While the business thrives by helping you to “love your LMS,” we’ll be using this space to explore eLearning ideas and strategies that complement your use of an LMS. eLearning, online … Continue reading

Top 7 Takeaways from LearnX Sydney #eLearning

The #LearnX conference was on this week (June 9th – 10th) in Sydney at the Darling Harbour Convention Centre and was keynoted/opened by Lrnchat‘s very own Jane Bozarth, which was a real treat. I only attended the first day but found it to be action-packed with keynotes, breakout sessions and a great expo area. I was disappointed to see how few people there were tweeting, but I did manage to meet almost all of those who were. It just goes … Continue reading

eLearning Technology Conference Not on Twitter – huh?

I was really surprised to find that an eLearning / learning technology conference I’m attending in Sydney in June does not have a presence on Twitter.  In fact, the very same event must have just announced the winners of their 2010 awards on their website but the only way I found that out was by doing a hashtag search on Twitter for the conference name. Luckily, a few proud vendors had posted their victories which then led me to the … Continue reading

The Golden Triangle of Learning

“The three current big megatrends in the web/tech sector are mobile, social, and real-time. I like to think of this as the golden triangle” This is a quote from Fred Wilson, VC and Principal at Union Square Ventures, in an article I read earlier this week. He says that these days if you have these three bases covered you’re probably going to be successful. I would like to agree, but I guess time will tell. Both Fred Wilson and Brian … Continue reading