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Up by the Bootstraps: Adobe Captivate 5 and Microsoft PowerPoint

Hello, Litmos community! Last week we talked about Adobe Captivate 5 and its marvelous ability to create demonstrations, simulations, and performance-based assessment for systems training. This feature has enormous cash value for those of you who want to quickly show something impressive to your organizational overlords. Furthermore, you can rapidly develop eLearning and get your learners something (relatively) immersive. Of course, life in the fast lane isn’t all systems training. Many people ask how to leverage existing non-technical content from … Continue reading

US Leads the Global Mobile Learning Market #mlearning

In August 2010, Ambient Insight released a new report called “The US Market for Mobile Products and Learning: 2009-2014 Forecast and Analysis” with the subheading ‘US Takes the Lead in the Global Mobile Learning Market: Consumers and Healthcare Buyers Drive the Market.’ It is a US-centric report and there are some seriously good stats in it, so I’ve gathered together my favorites and quoted/paraphrased them below. Introductory Points: The US market for Mobile Learning products and services reached $632.2 million … Continue reading

Great Workplace eLearning Posts from 2009

There’s a lot of pressure when it’s your first blog post of a new year! So, I’m just going to take the pressure off by mentioning a post (or many posts to be precise) that I was reading earlier today and found to be very interesting and useful. It’s called “Top 125 Workplace eLearning Posts of 2009” (from eLearningLearning) so there is a lot to read, as you would expect, but here is a sneak peek at the Top 10: … Continue reading

Can ‘Travel’ be a Learning Model?

The quotes below come from yesterday’s #lrnchat session: ‘Don’t need no SMEs [Subject Matter Experts]. Need subject matter networks instead.’ Jay Cross  ‘Are tomorrow’s SME’s today’s customers?’ Harold Jarche ‘I think the days of “designing learning” are numbered…research shows that people need a place/space to connect.’ – Jane Bozarth The general theme surfacing along with the prevalence of Social Media (SoMe) and the availability of cool collaborative learning tools, in combination with Gen Y coming through the ranks – is … Continue reading

Where is the Adobe Captivate Community?

I’ve just joined the group on LinkedIn called ‘Adobe Captivate‘. It was the only relatively populated group that I could find in there focused on this topic, which surprised me. So far though, it looks like a really great group of supportive Captivate users. Scanning through the discussions I can see that there are over 350 members asking all sorts of questions and helping each other out. Their topics range from removing the company logo from published files, to help … Continue reading