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Up by the Bootstraps: Adobe Captivate 5 and Microsoft PowerPoint

Hello, Litmos community! Last week we talked about Adobe Captivate 5 and its marvelous ability to create demonstrations, simulations, and performance-based assessment for systems training. This feature has enormous cash value for those of you who want to quickly show something impressive to your organizational overlords. Furthermore, you can rapidly develop eLearning and get your learners something (relatively) immersive. Of course, life in the fast lane isn’t all systems training. Many people ask how to leverage existing non-technical content from … Continue reading

eLearning Technology Conference Not on Twitter – huh?

I was really surprised to find that an eLearning / learning technology conference I’m attending in Sydney in June does not have a presence on Twitter.  In fact, the very same event must have just announced the winners of their 2010 awards on their website but the only way I found that out was by doing a hashtag search on Twitter for the conference name. Luckily, a few proud vendors had posted their victories which then led me to the … Continue reading

Great Workplace eLearning Posts from 2009

There’s a lot of pressure when it’s your first blog post of a new year! So, I’m just going to take the pressure off by mentioning a post (or many posts to be precise) that I was reading earlier today and found to be very interesting and useful. It’s called “Top 125 Workplace eLearning Posts of 2009” (from eLearningLearning) so there is a lot to read, as you would expect, but here is a sneak peek at the Top 10: … Continue reading

DevLearn09: A Shared Summary #dl09

There have a been a lot of great reviews, summaries and reflections on the DevLearn09 conference that took place in San Jose, California in the second week of November this year. I’ve been saving a bunch of the links to blog posts / articles / video and thought I’d post them all here in one place, as sort of a collaborative, shared summary of an event that is well-deserved of it’s awesome reputation. If you didn’t make it to DevLearn … Continue reading

Social Learning Camp – DevLearn 2009 #dl09

Mark Oehlert is running the Social Learning Camp at DevLearn 2009 and I just attended his session on ‘The Big Three of Social Media / Social Learning: Fear, Control and Trust’. Here’s a few takeaways from his talk which surrounded corporate culture and their objections to adopting social media, why they exist, and how to work around them: People don’t hate change, they hate how you’re changing them It’s not an I.T. problem (as in, security objections to social media … Continue reading