A Megadose of Inspiration & Ideas: Introducing Litmos LIVE

It’s all-too-common to get into a work rut. You show up and diligently do your job every day. You chat with the same colleagues, grumble at the same challenges, and smile at the same silly inside jokes. And while you truly care and genuinely try to do your best, sometimes you’re at a loss for new experiences and fresh approaches. It can be the same-old, same-old with only occasional flashes of excitement.

Well, let’s pull that worn record off the player!

It’s time to get fired up and refreshed!

It’s time to attend Litmos LIVE!


Litmos LIVELitmos LIVE is the world’s largest virtual, corporate learning summit and will be held November 7-8, 2018.

It’s guaranteed to get you juiced about the latest L&D trends, topics, and technologies, and propel you into 2019, your training guns ablazing.


The summit will bring together the industry’s absolute A-list of analysts, thought leaders, and practitioners across more than 30 sessions and two days. You’ll have opportunities to ask live questions of experts, as well as network online with peers and Litmos pros. This is a must-attend event for learning professionals looking to immerse themselves in invaluable, insider information and stay at the forefront of the discipline.

Cut through the Clutter

Beyond reigniting your L&D fire, Litmos LIVE will deliver you to the forefront of research, analysis, and practices without having to dig through a bunch of junk, as we often do when searching for new information.

There’s so much change these days and no shortage of opinions on the state of corporate learning; it can be really tough to separate the good sense from the nonsense. The session tracks at Litmos LIVE are designed to bring you directly to the type of material you seek — from thought-leadership talks to real-world success stories to hands-on Litmos training and more. All of it is offered with the intention of helping you hone your learning strategy and programs, now and in the longer term.

Litmos LIVE will address questions, such as:

  • What did 2018 teach us about what works and what doesn’t?
  • What does the future of learning look like across the globe?
  • What’s the new paradigm for learning strategy and culture?
  • How will technology support the changing needs of learners?
  • How can you satisfy new expectations to show data and ROI?

REGISTER for Litmos LIVE NOW to share the virtual space with hundreds of like-minded individuals, who, like you, are ready for a great meeting of the L&D minds, as well as some fun interaction and well-deserved recognition (more on this in an upcoming post). Let’s shake off any complacency that may have settled in this time of year, stir things up a bit, and lay the groundwork for a fast-approaching 2019.

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