ATD TechKnowledge 2017 and Enterprise Learning that Works


The Litmos team had fantastic team at ATD TK this year. They showed off enterprise learning that works, and everyone enjoys using. The event had over 1000 people attending in Las Vegas. I caught a couple keynote sessions, hung out in the Litmos expo booth, and presented a collaborative VR tool called Immerse Learning. I had some great conversations with attendees and colleagues in learning.

If you’ve never heard of ATD or Techknowledge, here’s a quick primer. ATD is The Association for Talent Development. There web site defines the organization as…

“… a professional membership organization supporting those who develop the knowledge and skills of employees in organizations around the world.”

ATD TechKnowledge is the ATD event with a primary focus on the latest trends around technology in talent development.

Training plays a major role in talent development, but the goal is to enrich your staff through learning and development tools that allow for learning retention. Litmos participated at ATD TK showing attendees how an LMS can support training events as part of the long term employee learning process. We were able to show attendees how to build the perfect blend of training content from the simple video to complex learning paths which include multiple modalities for learning with each best suited for their specific place in the process.

As I spoke with event attendees, it was comforting to hear their concerns and know that Litmos can meet and often exceed their expectations of an LMS. And, of course, it’s always fun to chat with happy customers who just want to say thanks!

The Keynotes

The first keynote was by Mick Ebeling. Who? I had no idea who he was, but this guy has a pretty impressive history for such a young guy. In 2015 he was one of Wired magazine’s Make Tech Human thought leaders. In 2014, he was awarded the Muhammid Ali Humanitarian of the Year award and named one of Ad Age’s top 50 Most Creative People. And to get a better idea of who he is just check out his TED talk.

The second keynote was Rahaf Harfoush. And no, I hadn’t heard of her before either. She is listed as a Foresight Strategist which is pretty cool. She talked about data overload and big data in general. But she also covered how data can be human-centric. And how data can be merged with storytelling to create meaningful experiences. It was interesting as she also connected it to a new term ArchiTechs. An architech uses digital tools to rebuild the world they live in.

Tools like Litmos are giving training managers, admins, and users the power to learn and share their knowledge by creating training content. That content can be assigned to everyone, or just a few users. Learners can change their world by consuming new knowledge and creating  new content with those around them. Everyone is becoming both learner and teacher, and with a tool like Litmos you can be both.

The Expo

Litmos began as the simple, friendly, LMS you’ll LOVE to use. In time, it has transformed into an enterprise strength platform with powerful integrations with companies like and many others. Events like ATD TK are an opportunity for us to show the industry how we’ve grown over the years often leading the industry with new innovations like Litmos Boost.

Litmos gives users the confidence that their content will play on all devices and play  effectively. Many attendees comment on how easy it is to navigate around Litmos, but when they see it also playing easily on mobile devices they are blown away.

I heard more than once how important customer support is to those looking for buy a new LMS. Many are disillusioned by their previous experiences with free or extremely low cost systems. An LMS can be inexpensive AND powerful with great support, but it’s not easy. Litmos is supported by a billion dollar global company. That often comes as a surprise to conference attendees as they begin to learn more about the Litmos team.

If you missed the expo demo, then sign up for a trial or schedule a demo. Build a course and tell us what you think!