Driving Adoption for Better Learning Outcomes: See the Webinar

DrivingAdoptionforBetterLearningOutcomesWEBINARThis week we co-hosted a webinar with the Brandon Hall Group Research Team, entitled “Driving Adoption for Better Learning Outcomes.” We hope you take an hour to watch this webinar replay as David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and Vinod Choudhary, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Litmos, discuss what it takes to drive learning adoption, as well as what can happen if you don’t proactively deploy and promote your learning programs. These two experts present strategies for ensuring your learning audiences will jump headfirst into the experiences you create.

You’ll learn the barriers to software adoption and why even if you have a great LMS and compelling learning content, it won’t matter unless your learners perceive the training as both easy and beneficial. You know firsthand the time, money, and energy required to create learning experiences that engage learners and improve business outcomes. It pains L&D professionals to think about releasing these programs into the wild only to have no one engage with them in a positive way. No one likes to feel that their efforts are wasted and the potential for their programs never realized. Be sure to watch this webinar to protect against this happening in your organization.


As an added bonus, you’ll also get a nice overview of the next generation of Litmos LMS technology, the continuous learning suite, which will make it even easier to train your employees, customers, and partners, as well as deliver compliance training. This suite will also include the Augmented Intelligence capabilities that we unveiled at C3. As applications become smarter and Artificial Intelligence becomes the norm, Litmos will leverage these innovations to make the learning experience more automated, intuitive, and personalized.