How to Get Training to the Hands of Your Field Reps Within Minutes

train sales reps

There are not many careers that are as hectic as that of the field rep. With their busy schedules, driving to make a sale and a list of leads as long as their arm, delivering training can be a tricky area to manage. Ask field reps to attend a week-long training session away from their client lists and mobile phones and they will think you have lost your mind. They have people to meet and sales targets to hit, and that can’t be done from a training room.

However, while it may seem like a logistical nightmare, training for field reps is just as important as training any other employees. It just needs to be approached in an innovative and effective way that suits a busy life on the road.

Capitalize on Technology

Your field reps already hold the key to effective training in the palm of their hand. Whether they use a tablet, mobile phone or laptop to do their job, all of these devices can be used to deliver training courses. For example, videos and interactive training are great for people on the road as they can take a pause during their schedule to take on meaningful information that’s delivered in an easily accessible way. In fact, organizations that use this type of media often have higher customer renewal rates, more accurate forecasting and a shorter sales timeline.

Self-Paced Learning Made Easy

Formal training doesn’t have to be locked down to a particular location or time. In our always-on, always-connected world, data has never been so easy to distribute and access. From hotel room Wi-Fi to mobile data, field reps that can access web-based training can easily balance their sales career without missing out on valuable training.

Track Their Progress from the Office

Of course, when you’re delivering training remotely you need to be sure that the courses you have set are being taken. By choosing a system that gives you feedback and confirmation when a task or course has been completed you will always be kept in the loop.

Choosing the Right Mobile Learning Platform

Now you can see the many benefits of mobile learning for your field reps, you might be wondering how to make this way of learning a reality for your organization. It’s a big decision to make and once you’ve found the right mobile learning solution you can go on reaping its benefits for many years.

Litmos offers a learning management system (LMS) that gives you complete control over how, where and when your training is delivered to your field reps on the road. Sign up for your free 14 day trial to discover how easy it is to incorporate mobile learning into your training programs.