Highlights from the C3 Agenda (Part 2)

c3-login-promoWith C3 less than a month away, we are getting super excited to see you and embark on new lessons in learning and development. As you know, Litmos C3, September 18-20, 2017, Wynn Resort, Las Vegas is three awesome days of learning, collaboration, training, product and technology sessions, customer panels, hands-on demos, and world-class networking. C3 brings you real-world examples of how your company can enhance its learning programs and equally important, how you can personally advance in your profession.

If you’re not yet registered, please sign ASAP by visiting the Litmos C3 site here. We’ll even help you justify the value of the trip to your boss with this justification letter.

Beyond the justification letter, do you need further justification? No problem. See these highlights from the first two days of the conference and then check out the following must-see sessions from Day Three:

  • Show me the money: Transform training into a profit center: Is your training department tasked with improving brand loyalty and profitability, but your team is bogged down simply keeping the business running? Where will you find the bandwidth to make customers and partners more productive? Attend this session to discover how an end-to-end training operations platform can save you time and money by automating back-office processes, scaling to global audiences with complex scheduling and e-commerce requirements, and handling the business side of training.
  • Meet the next generation of learning technology: With each update to Litmos, we add enhancements that make an already great product even better. This past year, we have worked diligently to identify market trends and take input from customers and analysts to pinpoint areas of focus for maximum impact. That laser focus has helped us deliver innovations that have made Litmos more personal, mobile, and attuned to the learner’s experience. Attend this session to see how we are evolving Litmos to be even more intelligent, relevant, and connected.
  • The value of creating a culture of learning: Training is a powerful tool to reinforce a company’s mission and core values. By instilling a culture of learning, you can unite employees, customers, and partners around a common set of principles and practices that drive progress and protect against counter-company behaviors that can damage the brand. Join this session to hear from a Litmos customer panel that includes DiscoverOrg, e-MDs, and Searchmetrics. You’ll learn how to increase the strategic value of training, weave bite-sized learning into workflows, and rally learners around a shared mission that moves the company forward.
  • Saving the world from boring learning: Say goodbye to stale, stuffy courses! Litmos Heroes is saving the world from boring e-learning. This session will reveal the importance of learner engagement, including understanding what makes people check in versus check out. Borrowing from the latest in neuroscience, we’ll share the secrets to developing training that frees the brain to operate in reward mode and at peak performance. We’ll also show real-life case studies and provide DIY Learner Engagement plans to take back to your company.
  • 3, 2, 1 liftoff – get your training program off the ground: Cloud LMS providers have had a huge impact on implementation. Gone are the days of onsite pro-services guiding you through a multi-month project. Now, many LMS vendors offer only phone support. But if you have a complex system, calls aren’t enough for a smooth migration! Fortunately, Litmos offers expert pro-services with deep knowledge earned through thousands of implementations. Attend to learn best practices, including avoiding potential risks and delays, and incorporating change management.

There’s so much more than can fit in this post. Be sure to check out the sessions beyond the learning track, too. We’ve got tons of informative sessions for sales and marketing pros, as well as main stage events for registrants across all tracks. See the complete agenda here.