How to make learners fall in love with training

How to make learners fall in love with training

Sometimes, L&D people may feel that they’re forcing people to learn. After all, the company does have regulatory commitments, specific skills needs, and cultural or internal processes, policies, and programs that must be upheld.

You’ll find yourself telling learners: “It’s required for compliance.” “It’s mandatory for certification.” “It’s compulsory to meet internal standards.” The list goes on.

And, yes, the reality is that training often does need to be enforced, but it doesn’t need to feel like pulling teeth (for you or for learners). With the right approach, communication, and outcomes, it’s possible to create a circle of love. Provide plenty of positive outcomes and you’ll get learners to seek training. You can even get them to love it.

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How to earn the love.
As corporate learning continues to change at an incredible pace and people work in more non-traditional ways, including contract, temporary, and virtual, earning the love is not the easiest endeavor, but it is entirely possible with the right plan and processes. You’ll need some techniques to rise above the noise and distraction of multi-screen environments and break through the mix of non-stop communication platforms from email to social to IM, but again, you can not only get learning on the radar, but also make it a priority.

One approach to doing this is to put your marketing hat on when you’re communicating about your learning programs. Always focus on the benefits to the learner first. Before you delve into why they “have to” take the training, remember to tell them why. Hopefully, the “why” is a meaningful outcome, even if it’s as simple as underscoring their individual value in contributing to the company’s compliance obligations. Being part of a collective effort is much more meaningful and moving than being forced.

Another essential component in earning the love is to consider what learners want. Flip the equation from what you need to them to do and think about what they need. As in any loving relationship, the energy needs to flow two ways. It’s not just your list of requirements from the L&D side; it’s also about what they require for a better experience and greater success.

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