Litmos Rocked L&D Innovation and Tech Fest in Sydney!

Wow, what a week it’s been for the Litmos ANZ team!Litmos ANZ team

We couldn’t be prouder to sponsor two days packed full of innovation, technology and networking at Sydney’s 2019 L&D Innovation & Tech Fest. Our team left with plenty of new connections and a renewed determination to deliver the best customer experience training solution on the market. Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a chat!

Booth, demo, chat, repeat!

Gamification and leader boards make up a super fun and engaging part of our training platform. Showcasing this involved informative conversations and lots of fun demos of our training courses too.

We were especially blown away by the interest everyone showed in our video assessments. It was such a great opportunity for us to show you how AI is changing the workplace!

We were lucky to have Lisa Anderson, who heads up the Litmos ANZ Solutions Team join us too. During a live demo in the Innovation Theatre, Lisa highlighted just how cool the features of a powerful LMS can be.

Breakfast, AI and Phil Tutty

It was amazing to receive such fantastic feedback following the breakfast session that Phil Tutty, Head of Litmos ANZ, delivered around AI and machine learning. Many of you were lovely enough to stop by our booth to mention this was a highlight of the conference. Thank you, Phil couldn’t have been more pleased to hear about the positive and genuine interest in a topic close to his – and Litmos’s – heart!

Phil took this opportunity to discuss how Harnessing AI will Transform Learning and Development. Looking back, AI has been perceived as doom and gloom for future generations. Many assume that this is the same for AI in the workplace. But Phil broke down how AI has already been able to make huge transformations in the workplace.

By giving workers the ability to focus on the true elements of work, AI is rapidly transforming the L&D landscape. From the hiring process to internal communications and support, to fighting fraud and transforming security, AI is already eliminating tedious and time-consuming work.

Harnessing AI for L&D will have huge impacts on productivity, reporting, and creating personalised learning that is truly catered to an individual. This means AI will automate performance measures for upskilling. For example, creating learning paths that focus on specific learning needed to progress. Features such as AI tutors, chatbots and AI-powered learning creation will focus on and adapt specifically to each individual.

In short, AI-powered technology is very, very cool. Forget spaghetti westerns! Thanks to AI-powered video editing, it’s now possible to dub different languages over the same video. Matching word pace to natural movement can create an end language effect far removed from what we grew up watching.

For instance, check out what Synthesia is already doing – did you know that David Beckham can speak nine languages, fluently?

Throw AI assessment into the mix, and you can grade presentations and delivery, by assessing keywords and pacing. So, real-life AI has certainly come a long way from the movies!

Networking, Innovation and Online Training

As always, these industry events are an invaluable opportunity for the Litmos team to connect with our community and customers. We’re always excited to hear from the L&D and HR workforce and look forward to discussing your challenges, needs and thoughts around CX training.

In between networking and demos, did you get a chance to soak up some thought leadership? We loved hearing from Josh Bersin. What a great opportunity to learn about the Rise of Wellbeing and Employee Experience. And from one of the most renown corporate learning and HR thought leaders across the globe! Josh explored how digital ways of work are impacting our workplaces and corporate well-being. This includes health and wellness, productivity, purpose and financial security. What an amazing source of knowledge and research!

Phil also felt honoured to speak on the Building for Success panel. This was an opportunity for you, as representatives of the L&D and HR workforce facing everyday employee training challenges, to really put Phil to the test with questions ranging from technical know-how, to how to engage reluctant learners. But Phil rose to the occasion. He was excited to share tips and advice from his extensive experience in the eLearning and online training industry.

So that’s a wrap for Sydney’s 2019 L&D Innovation & Tech Fest! We can’t wait for 2020 and every new opportunity to talk CX training that comes our way. Thanks for stopping by!