Is Live Mobile Streaming the Future of Learning?

Live Mobile Streaming

Okay, so maybe not AT Applebees! But they sure did put on an impressive event last week. Did you hear about the #tastethechange campaign? You may not realize it, but that event was just a brief insight into the future of learning.

Live Streaming Events Are Now Real!

Last week I followed some social media friends as they hosted and participated in the first ever nationwide live mobile streaming social media campaign. It was a day long event for the #tastethechange Applebees campaign. The stream was featured on the Applebees site but you could also tune into the many many streaming participants and their mobile streams via Periscope and/or Meerkat from across the country.

mobile streamingTo the non-techies going to the website it looked like any other “live” event being broadcast nationwide from multiple locations. Just like your local news station when the anchor says “let’s go to [insert reporter name] LIVE on the scene at [insert dramatic location]”. You might look at this event and say, “Hey, no big deal. We are shown multiple location broadcasts all the time on regular TV.” You’d be SO wrong.

You’ve got to look more deeply at what they were able to accomplish. Let’s start with this:

ANYONE with a mobile phone streaming with Meerkat or Periscope could be pulled into the main live stream on the Applebees site. Here’s an example of a live stream from SocialBuzzTV .

The 3 main hosts of the event keep the day-long event consistent with high energy commentary as the directors switched between the hosts and live streams from locations across the country. @isocialfanz @sunnylenarduzzi @vincenzolandino

Here are a couple blog posts from social media gurus that participated:

The Future of Learning?

So, what does this have to do with the future of training and/or learning in general? Consider the centralized classroom. What if the hosts were subject matter experts or facilitators of a training event? I really don’t think it takes that much imagination to see a learning event produced using the same technologies. Consider the new instructional possibilities.

One main location with many many external locations across the globe. Not only could viewers simply sit and enjoy consuming the content, they could actively participate and stream back their own comments visually. And yes, we can do that now with the chat box in a webinar but mobile video streaming takes it to an entirely new level.

Check out the hash tag #tastethechange on twitter to see images, blog posts, and more media about the event.

I’m still looking into getting more technical details about how they pulled this off. But I would guess that their setup was significantly cheaper than a 20th century multi location satellite broadcast.

If you’re not convinced then let’s talk about it. Use the hashtag #Asklitmos.

And the Applebees training team made an appearance via twitter. It was nice to see corporate training getting a shoutout during the event!