Litmos was BALLIN at ATD 2019

ATD 2019 is the largest event for talent development professionals worldwide and Litmos was proud to be a Platinum sponsor. With more than 2,000 visitors to our booth and a wide variety of Litmos activities, we needed a concise way to wrap up the event. The end result? A basketball-themed acrostic highlighting all the fun we had at the event:  

B – Basketball at the Booth

A – All Day Demos

L – Lots of Frozen Yogurt

L – Learning and Training  

I – Iron L&D: Building and Reimagining Your L&D Department with Mike Martin  

N – Networking Night

BALLIN at ATD 2019Basketball at the Booth

Who knew there were so many talented hoop stars at ATD 2019? We loved having so many people come by the booth each day with the hopes of winning the $500 gift card to Amazon. Thank you to everyone who tried their best and congrats to all of our winners!

All Day Demos

If there was one thing our booth wasn’t short of, it was demos. For three days our team gave a mountain of demos to conference attendees. Missed out? You can sign up for one here.

Lots of Frozen Yogurt

Our pants may be a bit tighter this week, but we aren’t complaining! We hope you were able to come by the booth each afternoon for liquid nitrogen frozen yogurt.

Learning and Training

Aside from the countless demos the team gave, we also participated in insightful conversations and connected with a variety of conference goers. We always appreciate the opportunity to learn and understand different uses cases, engage with current customers, and interact with the incredible audience ATD 2019 brings.

Iron L&D with Mike Martin

Our Chief Learning Officer, Mike Martin, presented his session, “Iron L&D: Building and Reimagining Your L&D Department” during the conference. In this session, Mike dished up his latest insights on creating or reimagining a wildly successful L&D program in a fun and interactive way. The audience left the session pumped up on knowledge!

Networking Night

For the fourth consecutive year, the Litmos team was proud to sponsor Networking Night at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. We kicked off the event with a private VIP Happy Hour with some of our rockstar customers.

During the Happy Hour, Mary Elliott, Curator of the “Slavery and Freedom” exhibit spoke to our group about the history of the museum and its devotion to documenting African American life, history, and culture. Mary spoke to the importance of training for all people and asked us to reflect on the different experiences among learners. Some may be the first in their families to have gone to college; some may never have had the opportunity to be in a role where training is provided; some may perceive learning as a historically exclusive activity and need additional support in feeling included and valued. These are all considerations we need to remember in creating training that is welcoming and inclusive of all.

After the Happy Hour, we headed down to the larger event where we explored the incredible museum. As we explored the exhibits, we were moved by the history, culture, and social impact opportunity and experiences have. As training and learning professionals we were able to reflect on the importance of what we do and how it can create positive change in the world.

Overall, ATD 2019 was an amazing experience and we want to say “thank you” to everyone who either stopped by the booth, participated in Mike’s session, or came to Networking Night! We’ll see you next year in Denver.