Make it a prime day for learning

prime dayWhat’s Black Friday on a Tuesday in July?! It’s Amazon Prime day! This third annual online shopping extravaganza, which was estimated to have drawn about half a billion dollars for the company in 2016, is well underway and cranking through merchandise faster than you can say Lightning Sale.

But wait. Before you race over to the country’s biggest online retailer to see what crazy deals you can score, stop and ask yourself: What do I really value?

If it’s a PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset or even a hard-to-find a can of Unicorn Meat, ok, fair enough. Hats off to Jeff Bezos and crew for sourcing these things for you on the cheap. Head on over to Amazon and get your deal before the 30-hour sale is over. BUT, if there’s something you value more, something that really makes an impact on your personal satisfaction, career, and the success of your company, then let’s keep going.

First, you may want to sidestep the complete distraction and productivity drain of obsessing over Prime deals all day. As Rick Broida of CNet deftly points out: “…with Amazon planning to roll out new deals ‘as often as every 5 minutes’ throughout the day, this is a rabbit hole you might want to avoid. Prime Day will definitely not be Productivity Day if you’re refreshing your browser every 5 minutes.”

Rather than heading down that rabbit hole, let’s talk about an online purchase that delivers more value than it costs: learning and training.

In today’s information economy, one of your most valuable assets is the skill level and knowledge of your staff. They’re the force behind the satisfaction of your customers and the success of your organization. To ensure they continue to have the skills needed to push your company ahead of the competition, especially as technology and regulations change at unprecedented rates, consider updating or expanding the training content you offer.

Take a few minutes to browse the Litmos content library, featuring pre-built courses on everything from health and safety to customer service. Use today as an opportunity to add invaluable content to your Litmos account and what’s more, make a statement by purchasing something that has real meaning, impact, and lasting value. Make it a prime day for learning!