Modern Learning: Balancing Today’s Challenges with Tomorrow’s Opportunities

future of learningIn today’s business environment, challenges come fast and furious. Too often, the learning function finds itself continually putting out fires, rather than planning for the organization’s future. The digital transformation that many companies are looking to make is only exacerbating this situation. Learning needs to get ahead of the curve and help the organizations get to that future state.

In this recorded webinar, Litmos teamed up with David Wentworth, Principal Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, to discuss the ways in which learning technology can help learning be an agent of change during a digital transformation. WATCH THE WEBINAR NOW >

Discussion topics include:

  • Digital transformation
  • The L&D technology landscape
  • How continuous learning can future-proof the organization
  • Emerging learning technologies

Today’s Challenges Are Tomorrow’s Opportunities
We’re at a point now on the L&D trajectory where it’s important to examine how continuous learning can fundamentally change the impact learning can have on employee performance, business results, and the future of the organization.

It’s undeniable that the learning function needs to move at a faster, more frequent pace, adapt to changing business needs, and break free of old mindsets about “traditional learning,” which tended to be somewhat static — if not carved in stone. A more modern and continuous approach will evolve to suit the world around and ahead of it.

Some great news, however, is that we have the technology to get the job done. There are exciting new ways to reach and serve modern learners, whether we’re talking about augmented intelligence, video collaboration, social learning, or mobile (not so new, but still exciting). By expanding our learning strategies, we can continue down the path of making learning feel more natural — a transparent part of doing any job. We no longer need to dictate how and when people learn; we just need to provide the tools and information they need to continuously improve and succeed.

For much more on this subject, including recent research from Brandon Hall Group and technology insights from Litmos, WATCH THE WEBINAR NOW.