Be a hero in 2018: Save employees from boring learning

WEBINAR Save employees boring learning

You’ve still got a couple of weeks to set your New Year’s resolutions, so be sure to add this one to your list: Be a hero at work! Save your people from boring learning that at worst feels like torture and at best lulls them to sleep. Give them the ongoing gift of training and development that enhances their work performance and enriches their personal knowledge, contribution level, and job satisfaction.

Watch this webinar for the Top Ten Tips to Save Your Employees from Boring Learning.

Beyond the tips in the webinar, we’ve got the tools and the guidance to get you there — everything from providing highly engaging learner experiences with a best of breed learning platform and an award-winning content library. These things combine to ensure that you avoid the low learner engagement associated with boring learning content. A quickly adaptable, well-trained staff is one of your biggest competitive advantages, so low engagement can actually hurt your organization’s ability to innovate and create value.

No more chasing learners down.
We hear firsthand from our customers that the expectations of learners are changing from “brute force” compliance to voluntary participation. That’s a great goal to have, isn’t it? How can you move away from using authority and the threat of disciplinary action to make people complete their training, and rather, shift the impetus to the learners themselves by showing the value of training and thus, inspiring them to want to participate?

Two of the most powerful ways of inspiring that participation are by providing mobile learning and creating personalized learning plans based on each person’s role, goals, and other factors. Unfortunately, even as total market spend on corporate learning continues to grow, most companies still lag behind in key areas. For example, only 24% offer mobile learning and a mere 4% offer personalized learning plans. This is most likely due to using an outdated or functionally limited LMS more than lack of effort, but even so, the reality is that learner experience is not meeting learner expectation.

How do you close the gap?
Closing the gap between learner expectation and experience requires engagement. We hear that term tossed around a lot, but what exactly is it, anyway, in the context of corporate learning? Engagement is a complex subject involving criteria such as challenge, interactivity, and interest. But ultimately and most simply put, it’s when people want to do something without being forced into it.

So, how do you move away from boring learning and really engage learners?

We have ten surefire ways.

The first I already gave away above, which is to make learning mobile. People expect to be able to perform a large number of work tasks on their phone or device of choice and learning is certainly among those tasks.

The second way to better engagement is to gamify the experience. With the right LMS, you can drive behavior (right within the system) based on gaming principles, such as creating competition among peers, delivering instant feedback with rewards, and creating an urge to progress.

The third way is to keep content short. We’ve all heard terms like micro-learning and bite-sized learning, and there’s growing evidence to support that shorter bits do increase retention.

The fourth way to really engage learners is…

Did you really think we’d give away all our secrets here? For tips 4-10, please check out this fun AND ENGAGING webinar recording featuring Litmos Chief Learning Officer, Mike Martin, and presented by our friends at Training Industry.