‘Tis The Season to Train Your Volunteers

train volunteers lms training coursesAt the end of every year, thousands of people reach out to nonprofit organizations across the world and become volunteers. Nonprofits take on volunteers for many different roles whether it be working with people in need, reading stories to children, sorting through clothes, serving food, or simply just visiting with someone who needs a little extra cheer in their life. Volunteers do so much good, not only during the holiday season, but throughout the entire year and one thing is for sure, nonprofit organizations couldn’t successfully serve their communities without them.

For many years, people struggled with the most efficient way to train volunteers. Because of the financial constraints that many nonprofit organizations face they were turning to mostly manual training. Not only were they doing manual training, but also manual tracking, which doesn’t exactly bring out the joy we are all searching for at the end of the year. So as more people began volunteering they realized something had to change. Large nonprofit organizations such as Lion’s Club and The Alzheimer’s Society turned to Litmos for that change.

How can you use Litmos to train your volunteers?

Litmos has been helping nonprofit organizations train their volunteers for more than 10 years. With features such as learning paths, teams, checklists, assessments, reports, and compliance tracking, you can train and track your volunteers easier than ever. Try using the Teams feature to group your volunteers by geographic location, role, project, or, because our teams are completely customizable, divide them however makes the most sense for your business. Lion’s Club International utilizes the Learning Paths feature for key roles such as club president, club secretary, club treasurer, and district governor for them to train on what they need to know to carry out their roles and responsibilities.

What about content to train my volunteers?

Glad you asked! Litmos offers a number of off-the-shelf courses that can help solve your content woes. For example, the Alzheimer’s Society was searching for ready-made content to train their 6,000 plus volunteers. They now have access to 1,200+ professionally created, SME-tested, video-based courses, which they can pair with their own resources. Try checking out courses like “Communication Channels,” “Lead By Listening,” “Be Grateful,” and “Active Listening” to better engage and train your volunteers to work with others!

Whether you are a volunteering for a member of the Litmos community this year or training volunteers yourself, Litmos has a feature or course for everyone; so let’s get out there, end this year strong, and remember to thank the volunteers in your life!