How to use training to accelerate employee performance

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, it’s of critical importance for people to stay at the top of their game. But how do you build that level of learning program — one that engages and empowers learners toward optimal performance? Further, how do you know if it’s driving positive change for the organization as a whole?

To help answer those questions and more, we teamed up with Litmos customer, ADP, to offer insights in an informative, interactive webinar. During this one-hour session, you’ll get specific tips on how to accelerate employee performance with your training programs, as well as hear real-world strategies and tactics from ADP on how they’ve achieved results with thousands of sales associates. If you’re looking for advice on how to create next-level learning that stimulates employee attention, retention, and performance, please sit back and enjoy the recorded webinar. It’s definitely worth the time!



Discussion topics include:

  • Increase learner engagement with more compelling content.
  • Automate how you tailor and assign content based on user role.
  • Drive employee performance with programs they (and you) care about.
  • Promote exploration and growth, even beyond the learner’s current job.
  • Secure executive support by proving the value of learning.