Whiteboard Wednesday 001 – Back to Basics


Whiteboard Wednesday is another video experiment. The first few will be a little rough, but I’d love to get your feedback.

Over the last 20 years I’ve noticed a trending complexity in the conversations around L&D and the work training professionals do. I’ve seen the industry as a whole move from Training and Development, to Learning and Development, to Talent Development. I’ve seen our focus move from training to elearning, then  just learning, and now performance. All are valuable and necessary functions. But sometimes I get the feeling that we’ve lost our focus on the businesses we serve.

I hope this Whiteboard Wednesday video will get you thinking about your role in the business you support. And question the work you are doing. Are you doing what YOU want to be doing? Or are you doing what the business expects you to be doing? Are you providing business value, or mired in instructional design process?