Do You Do a Year in Review?

training-yearendreview-imageAt the end of every year the interwebs are filled with end-of-the-year reviews.  And since, we as a community of learning professionals enjoy commenting on reflective learning, I was wondering if you do a review for your learners at the end of the year? Or are you too busy making sure all the employees have completed their mandatory compliance training before the new year?

Google always does an OKAY job of reviewing the year for us… (that’s an understatement right there). If you haven’t taken seen this yet, then you can watch it as inspiration for your review.

I know you’re all busy with super big projects, and feeling overwhelmed this time of year.  So, maybe just think about it for NEXT year.  Wouldn’t it be cool if the employees you are responsible for training could see a quick recap of everything they SHOULD have learned from you, and your team, over the year? It’s the fastest course you’ll ever make because the content is already done, right? It’s an easy last minute item for your annual review as well.  It’s that final project cherry to put on the top of your year.

Also, think of it as marketing for your courses. Wait…

You mean you don’t have marketing campaigns for your internal courses? Oops… Put that on your todo list for 2015, and make the Year-end Training Review Course part of it.  There you go… part of your 2015 strategy… done. You’re welcome 🙂

And Happy Holidays!