Now we’re getting somewhere – HTML5 Converter for Captivate 5.5

So, here’s an exciting development posted on the Adobe Captivate Rapid eLearning blog today – HTML5 Converter for Adobe Captivate 5.5 is Here!

What we’ve got here is an Adobe Lab that you can download to convert your Captivate 5.5 SWF content to HTML5 for playback on devices that do not support Flash, such as the iPad or iPhone – cool!  There are two links to example content on their post –

Image from Rapid eLearning Captivate blog

one with audio, one with interactions – to test out. Both of these worked pretty well for me on my iPad with just a few hiccups when I navigated back in the object. There are a few not-so-encouraging comments below the post of people who have downloaded the converter and are having trouble trying to convert their SWFs but I’m hoping these are just teething problems.

Anyway, I’m already a fan because it sounds like Adobe are really creating waves to make their legacy Flash content mobile-friendly. I like the image they attached to their post implying that this is the missing piece of the mobile learning puzzle. I cannot tell you how often we have clients asking how they can do exactly this, so it’s great to see it finally out the door.