Where is the Adobe Captivate Community?

I’ve just joined the group on LinkedIn called ‘Adobe Captivate‘. It was the only relatively populated group that I could find in there focused on this topic, which surprised me. So far though, it looks like a really great group of supportive Captivate users.

Scanning through the discussions I can see that there are over 350 members asking all sorts of questions and helping each other out. Their topics range from removing the company logo from published files, to help with screen resolution and Captivate 3 vs. 4 debates. I’m impressed with the level of people involvement and help offered. There’s nothing worse than joining a group that just does…nothing!

Aside from this group (and the actual Adobe Captivate forum), are there any other Captivate focused communities online that I should know about? I’d be really interested in any suggestions that other people are finding useful.