Which are the Favorite eLearning Authoring Tools?

Here are some more interesting figures from a different Tagoras report this time called “Association E-Learning: State of the Sector” (my last post focused on a report about LMS costing / implementation time). This one was released over a year ago in March 2009 so the figures may have changed a little, but this time they are in relation to eLearning authoring tools and who’s using what.

From the summary: The report is primarily based on a survey of associations from November 20 – December 19, 2008. Out of the 488 responses received: 61.1 percent were from individuals who indicated that their organization is currently using e-learning. An additional 26.2 percent indicated they plan to start using e-learning within the coming 6 to 12 months, while 12.7 percent indicated they have no plans to start using e-learning in the coming 12 months.

Anyway – on with the interesting figures that reveal who’s using what to design their online learning content:

  • 60.4% Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 24.8% LMS/LCMS tools
  • 13.5% Articulate Presenter
  • 8.1% Adobe Captivate
  • 7.2%  Camtasia (Techsmith)
  • 3.7% Adobe Connect
  • 1.4% Lectora (Trivantis)

Looks like PowerPoint is still the favorite by a long shot, probably because Microsoft Office would be the all-purpose product suite of choice for most organizations – even before moving in to eLearning – so it’s a natural extension. Plus, it is the base tool that many of the others listed above build on and also because of the familiarity we have with using Microsoft tools.

I see they have done a February 2010 follow up to this report but I couldn’t find an update to these particular figures; it would be interesting to know how things are changing. Maybe it’s time to put together another survey…I’ll work on that.