Why Articulate Storyline is the missing piece in the puzzle

Recently I was chatting on Skype with good friend and eLearning professional Ant Pugh, and the conversation turned to content authoring tools. Inevitably, the upcoming release of Articulate Storyline came up and while I am a beta tester (along with everyone else who’s interested in it), Ant’s excitement about the potential of it in his job was bubbling over. I asked if he would be happy to put together his thoughts on how he sees it impacting his working life, so here it is… Thanks Ant!

As both an Instructional Designer and the manager of eLearning at my company, Articulate Storyline will be the missing piece of my professional jigsaw. I have always felt confident delivering effective training and have always had a vivid imagination and a desire to keep the content engaging.

Finally, with Articulate Storyline, I will have a tool that will quickly pull my L&D skills and design concepts together, to create exciting, interactive content, with the ability to be delivered across multiple platforms.

I have been involved with the testing of Storyline since the beta launch and have been avidly following dialogue from within the Articulate community. I also had the pleasure of attending a live demonstration by Articulate on the software, at which you could hear gasps of excitement from the audience!

The phrase ‘game-changer’ has been thrown around a lot since news of Storyline emerged.. it may sound a little dramatic, but Storyline will remove my requirement for a team of Flash developers and put the power directly into my hands, improving learning whilst reducing time and costs…. I can’t wait!! (ok now I sound like a complete geek!