eLearning and Online Training Content Vendors

The major obstacle for those wanting to move their learning programs online is content. Classroom-based or Instructor Led Training could have been the norm in a company for years, but getting that content in to an online format and making it work is a whole different story.

We often have the ‘content discussion’ with clients, and content is not our area of expertise (ours is the upload, delivery and tracking of said content). But in order for people to get to the stage where they’re ready to decide on a Learning Management System (LMS), they first need to have their content sorted or there will be nothing to put in the LMS, which equates to paying money for something you cannot use. Not so smart.

Every so often I’ll have someone ask for a list of vendors who provide pre-built, plug and play compliance training modules to put in to courses. I spent a few days researching vendors and I was surprised at how difficult it was to find this type of content. There are of course lots of companies who custom build entire training courses for fairly large sums of money, but companies offering off-the-shelf videos, interactive content, audio and assessments that fit the bill when it comes to compliance training, are not so easy to find.

I’ve listed the websites that I have found and currently recommend. If you are a vendor of this type of content not mentioned on the list below, leave a message in the comments section and I promise to include you on all my client recommendations moving forward:




There is also more information to help US-based people with your search on the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) website.

eLearning Content Templates & Components

There’s bound to be more out there. I will update this post periodically.