An Expert Opinion on Learning Space Design

From the ebook Learning Spaces this quote is from Chapter 9: Trends in Learning Space Design by Malcolm Brown, Director of Academic Computing at Dartmouth College, and Phillip D. Long, Senior Strategist for the academic computing enterprise at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Director of Learning Outreach for MIT iCampus.

“Digital technology continues to advance at a frenetic pace, offering greater capability while simultaneously becoming more mobile and more affordable. Five years ago, most students purchased desktop computers; two years later, most purchased laptops. The implications are significant: more affordable and mobile technology facilitates greater access to content and resources. This enhanced access, in turn, has made it possible to implement a learning paradigm that emphasizes active learning, formative assessment, social engagement, mobility, and multiple paths through content. Although specific technologies may come and go, the enduring trend is technology becoming more capable, affordable, and mobile.”