Litmos eCommerce Upgraded!

For all of our US customers, this is a long-awaited day. It has taken quite a bit of configuration and we didn’t want to get your hopes up bycredit_card_payments giving you any timeframe estimates. But now, it’s even better because we get to surprise you with some great news…

Today, is the day that the Litmos eCommerce PayPal integration has been upgraded and your students now no longer require a PayPal account when they want to pay by credit card – how good is that?! Now during the payment process it is merely an option to create an account which is awesome, because let’s face it, not everyone loves PayPal.

Credit card purchases of your online courses are now a cinch for your learners without any PayPal lock-in. So go ahead and let all of your students know that they can buy up your courses with more freedom than ever before!

Today, is a very good day :o)