8 Tips To Build the “Buzz” BEFORE Launching eLearning Courses

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Are you ready to roll out your eLearning course, but want to make sure that you build online learner interest beforehand? In this article, I’ll share 8 top tips that can help you generate a buzz for your upcoming eLearning course and get your audience excited about all of the benefits it will bring.

How To Build The “Buzz” BEFORE Launching eLearning Courses

Raising awareness for your eLearning course starts long before launch day. In fact, your eLearning course marketing should begin the moment you decide to create your eLearning experience. This gives you an ample amount of time to get your online learners on board and spread the word about the advantages your eLearning course can provide. If marketing isn’t your strong suit, have no fear, because I’ll be highlighting 8 helpful tips that give you the power to build the buzz before launching eLearning.

  1. Go on a blog tour. 
    Many online learners rely on eLearning blogs to get the latest reviews, catch up on daily news, and find out about new products or services they may want to try. So, contact a few bloggers in your niche and ask them if you can write a guest post at their site. If they need some more incentive, then consider offering them free enrollment or even a reciprocal posting on your own website or blog. Just make sure that you choose eLearning bloggers who can help you reach your targeted audience. For example, a cooking blog may not be the best option for you to market your eLearning course. This is because readers are visiting the site because they want to find out about great recipes, not how to effectively cold call a potential customer.
  2. Offer a free preview to get invaluable feedback. 
    This may be one of the most challenging things to do, as it’s difficult to give away your eLearning course for free. After all, you’ve devoted a great deal of time and resources to create an amazing finished eLearning product. However, you can strategically offer a free preview of your eLearning course by only inviting a select group of individuals. For example, you may want to ask members of your LinkedIn group if they would like to get a sneak peek at your eLearning course beforehand, and then send them a survey or questionnaire to get their honest eLearning feedback.
  3. Get involved in social media. 
    Millions of people use social media sites on a daily basis, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This is why it’s crucial to build an effective online presence and be consistent about your posts. The secret is to offer them an informative eLearning resource. Tweet about an upcoming eLearning event that they may find beneficial, or post about a special promotion you are currently offering on your eLearning profile page. Take advantage of all the features these sites have to offer, such as creating a survey on Facebook to find out more about the needs and preferences of your online learners.
  4. Build your emailing list. 
    A decade or two ago, mailing lists were as good as gold. Today, however, emailing lists have become the standard, and an increasing number of businesses, websites, and marketing firms rely on them to get the word out. One of the primary benefits of building your own emailing list is that have a direct and personal means of contact with your audience. Best of all, these individuals are already showing interest in your eLearning course. Otherwise, they would not have opted in. Include sign up boxes on your website and invite them to join your list on all your social media pages, and then keep in touch by sending weekly or monthly eLearning newsletters, tips, or updates.
  5. Develop a website that features need-to-know info. 
    Even if you have all of your social media bases covered, you still want to have a website that is dedicated to your eLearning course. For example, you can design a website that has all of your eLearning course offerings, with a separate page for each. Be sure to include all of the basic information, such as contact info, instructions on how to sign up or purchase the eLearning course, and, most importantly the benefits it can offer.
  6. Host a webinar. 
    Hosting a winning webinar may require a lot of planning, but it can give people the opportunity to learn more about you and what your eLearning course has to offer. This is why it’s vital that you make the event informative and entertaining. Make sure that it doesn’t just focus on selling your eLearning course, but that it provides them with real value. Give them tips that can improve their lives, or shed light on a related topic that might be of interest to them. Show them that you have experience and know a great deal about the subject matter, so that they are more likely to click that “Buy” button without hesitation.
  7. Create a press kit. 
    If you want to maximize your exposure you should consider creating a press kit that includes press releases, screenshots of the eLearning course, a detailed description of what it covers and how online learners will be able to use the information. You can even offer certain members of the media a free preview so that they can get a firsthand look at the eLearning course design and the high quality of eLearning content.
  8. Get your eLearning sales pitch ready.
    Ultimately, you should be able to sum up your eLearning course in just a few seconds. Keep in mind that potential online learners typically don’t have the time or patience to sit through a ten-minute video that describes all the perks of your eLearning course. So, create a clear and concise eLearning sales pitch that gets them hooked. You should also develop a brief description of your eLearning course to place on your website, social media pages, and the eLearning course marketplace.

All of these tips and tricks can help you build the buzz for your next eLearning course. Keep in mind that you may have to rely on several different forms of promotion to spread the word. So, why not make your way down the list and start generating interest for your eLearning experience.

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