Do You Automate Repetitive Training?

Automating training saves time and energy

Every organization has a common set of curriculum needed across the enterprise. From on-boarding new employees to annual compliance courses, these sessions need to be time efficient, thorough, and consistent in delivery. Automating these type of training saves time and energy, while providing the employee the flexibility they need around their busy schedule.

Automate Repetitive Training: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

A study out of IBM several years back states that online (or computer based training) delivers five times the content at one-third of the cost when compared to instructor lead training.

We’ve all been to in-service sessions and listened to speakers who don’t really know the subject, and are just reading bullets from a canned presentation. Even if the content is correct, our comprehension is very low, just due to the delivery. With online training, everyone has access to the best minds on any given subject. Organizations can deliver subject matter experts directly to their employees, when and where the employee is ready to learn.

This is not to say that instructor-led training does not have its place; it does. Use ILT for one-off subjects like organizational policies or motivational sessions, or any sessions which will benefit from employee interaction before-during-after the session.

Now, here come the excuses:

  • Online training costs too much
  • We’ve never done it that way before
  • Our employees won’t take the courses

Let’s take them in order.

Online training costs too much – have you done the math? In today’s online world you can gain access to a learning management system for literally pennies a day per employee. Couple that with an inexpensive piece of software that helps you build the course, and you have everything you need in order to get started.

We’ve never done it that way before. Well, why not? Proven effective and used by the majority of organizations across the country, online learning is by far the best way to streamline employee education.

Our employees won’t take the courses. Really? Of course they will. There are many ways to remind them and motivate them with goals and incentives. And, most learning management systems give you direct visibility into who has and has not taken their courses.

If you have not introduced e-learning into your organization, you should. Anything else seems like insanity.