Online Training Popular with Franchise

Australian franchise Hungry Jacks announced yesterday that it had broken through a number of online training records.

For those who are unfamiliar with the brand, Hungry Jacks is the ‘exclusive Australian master food franchisee of the Burger King Corporation‘. Basically, when the BK franchise moved in to Australia the name “Burger King” had already been trademarked to a business, and so they chose to operate under a new name.

Hungry Jacks uses an online training platform as its ‘official communications, human resources and training tool’ as do many franchises in an effort to more effectively manage their brand message in a cost-effective way.

The article on Franchising magazine’s website reports that they “smashed standard online training statistics with 1.5 million staff tests completed and over 7 million questions answered in its e-Learning platform over three months.” Most definitely some very impressive figures for such a short time frame.

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