Upgrade Your Franchisee Training Program with Mobile Learning


In yesterday’s blog post we covered the importance of managing your franchisee training program with a learning management system. Today, we talk about making that training mobile.

Are You Comfortable with Your Training Strategy?

Every franchise owner must first look at their specific business and find out what type of training program s/he is most comfortable with. Many consultants will present a right way and wrong way to you. But the reality is that the most successful training programs are the ones you are most comfortable with and willing to support both financially and culturally. It doesn’t matter how good a specialized training program is if it’s created by someone outside of your organization, and you don’t even understand what it is. If you’re not comfortable with the solution then there is a much higher chance of failure. It would be better for you to approve a classroom based training strategy, if that’s what you will support, than invest in an advanced eLearning program that doesn’t make sense to you. Your support is critical to your training success.

It’s Okay to be Unsure about Mobile Learning

No matter what you decide, you will need a system in place that can not only support a comfortable strategy, but will support strategies you will be comfortable with in the future. Mobile learning is a perfect example. There are many ways to approach the effective use of mobile devices as learning tools. The idea of mobile learning is still relatively new and there is little consensus on what it the definition might be. This confusion might make you uncomfortable. And that discomfort might make it difficult for you to support immediately as you launch your franchisee training program. However, it’s not hard to see that mobile devices will be around for the long term and at some point you will begin to feel comfortable with incorporating a mobile learning solution into your training program. It’s okay to put off the fancy solutions for a while, but your systems supporting your early solutions should also be capable of supporting your future training programs as well.

But You Need to be Confident in Your Systems

SaaS-based learning management systems like Litmos give you the best balance of ease of use, flexibility, and expandability. You can quickly launch your Litmos LMS with one basic course if you need too. And then you can build your library up from there. Adding additional modules to one course is simple as well as adding new courses, and building collections of courses called Learning Paths. But a powerful feature of Litmos allows your learners to view all of your courses on mobile devices. Your online presence within the Litmos platform is completely mobile enabled. And that mobile capability will empower your franchisees by giving them the content they need when and where they need it.

A Powerful Flexible Learning Management System Makes Everyone Happy

It’s okay to launch your franchise training program in a simple format because you need to get it done. But once you’re up and running you will need to know that your systems will be able to keep up with the growth of your business. Mobile learning can be available to you immediately with Litmos. And as you grow and begin receiving feedback on your courses you will discover how best to move your training strategy forward.  And when your franchisees realize how convenient your mobile enabled courses are to take, they will thank you.

You know your franchisees are very busy. Everything you give them should be flexible enough for them to view no matter where they are and no matter what device they are on. It may not sound like much. But giving them the opportunity to view training on a Saturday at home on the couch will make them happy as well as improve the chances of them viewing the content at all. And the more you can inform and educate your franchisees, the more successful they will be. And their success is your success.

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