6 Secrets of Thriving Patient Satisfaction and Staff Productivity

improving staff productivity and the patient experience

This February we hosted Gaylyn Sher-Jan, President of OnCourse Group consultancy, in a webinar focused on how to improve employee behaviors for greater patient satisfaction. She listed six key employee behaviors as important:

1. Trust: Trusting individuals tend to believe that the motives of others are honorable.
2. Tact: How you say something to a customer or patient can be just as important as what you say.
3. Empathy: Customers and patients need to feel that someone cares about their experience.
4. Conformity: The key is understanding your customers’ objectives and expectations, and then aligning your employees.
5. Focus: Customer service is about relentless focus.
6. Flexibility: Organizations providing the best service think in terms of the customer and patient, and this requires employee flexibility.

She said, “In both good times and bad, the value of a positive customer experience can exponentially effect both the organization and the customer. Organizations have higher performing teams when customer and patient experience is consistently positive.”

Another critical factor in improving staff productivity and the patient experience, is how employees communicate with each other in the workplace. Problems with workplace and interpersonal communication can lead to low productivity and increased stress between co-workers and management.

Educating staff on proper office etiquette and communication tactics in the workplace can improve staff productivity. This ultimately improves the bottom line and patient satisfaction.

Litmos Healthcare offers a new online education program on Workplace Communication Skills.

This eLearning program includes 4-5 hours of training to empower employees with proven methods to navigate a wide variety of interpersonal challenges, such as ethics and personality conflicts. There are 14 course topics and it includes 7.0 CEUs.