A Sneak Peek at our 2-Part HIPAA Omnibus Webinar Series

HIPAA Omnibus Rule webinar

Tomorrow we begin our two-part webinar series on the HIPAA Omnibus Rule discussing the critical changes for covered entities and business associates. We’re excited to have Susan A. Miller, JD, a leading consultant and attorney, presenting for us.

  • Part I for Covered Entities is on Tuesday, April 9: Attorney Miller addresses the critical updates and changes that affect covered entities.
  • Part II for Business Associates is on Thursday, April 11: Attorney Miller addresses the critical updates and changes that affect business associates.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll hear in the presentation for covered entities.

Below are ten practical steps covered entities should start today to comply with the HIPAA Omnibus Rule:

  1. Revise breach notification policies and procedures
  2. Security Risk Analysis – revisit (or do)
  3. Develop or revisit Security Incident Response Plan
  4. Pay special attention to portable media and personal devices
  5. Train entire workforce
  6. Prepare incident response team
  7. Be ready to respond to news media attention – have a designated spokesperson
  8. Consider tightening Business Associate Agreements, particularly for agents
  9. Encryption! Make the most of the encryption safe harbor, and Verify document destruction
  10. Audit access to PHI and enforce policies

Haven’t registered yet for our two-part webinar series? Don’t delay. Registration is limited.