A Trusted Security Partner Is as Important as the Security

security partner in healthcare

The healthcare industry is a popular and frequent target for security breaches; and that number is growing at a rapid rate. A recent study found that 94% of organizations experience some type of breach. The average cost of a breach? $2.4 million or $2.4 million less revenue for your organization.

In a recent Becker’s Hospital CIO article, they suggest five steps healthcare organizations can do to mitigate their risk.

One suggested step is to ensure you understand the available security services and their purpose…but more importantly is knowing your privacy and security risks and how to eliminate it. Partnering with a trusted company is important in easing your worry surrounding risks.

Consider Litmos Healthcare as your privacy and security partner, starting with a risk assessment and quality online education for staff. A small investment in training ensures you’re prepared for upcoming audits and costly breaches, and helps keep your revenue where it belongs.