Adapting to Technology

adapting to technology

You might remember how epic it was to have cable for the first time—so many channels, regardless of the fact there was still nothing on. MTV still played actual music videos, not this “Big Brother” drivel that’s on now. Remember that first VCR? The size of a toaster oven and as heavy a microwave, but the options it availed you were incredible! That technology brought us the DVR and the ability to have a hard drive in our cable box. The rotary phone led to the cordless, and eventually the cell phone. Personally, I can’t live without these devices. How would I watch Game of Thrones when there is a Blazers game on?

After attending so many tradeshows (I can’t remember how many at this point) many people are still gathering their staff together in a room and providing training. Or painfully creating PowerPoint presentations and delivering them to your staff as training—how can you track and measure it? The first HIPAA training I did required us to read a horribly boring PowerPoint and tell IT that we did it. Flawed in many ways.

Many people in the healthcare industry have the assumption that online learning is complicated and expensive; perhaps some of our competitors have led many to believe that, while locking them into a long-term contract, down a winding road filled with many roadblocks and potholes.

If online training delivers five times the training for one-third of the cost, ask yourself: why are you accepting any less? When online learning rolled onto the scene, many companies jumped on the educator bandwagon. So many do it poorly. You may know what you know, but as healthcare professionals, who are clearly learners, you need to learn more.

Educating staff should be a priority; yet the news is filled with organizations that don’t do it and pay the price through expensive fines, lawsuits, and now jail time. Our patients expect it and the law requires it. Educating your staff can be as inexpensive as $20 per person, as opposed to $200 per person, a rough estimate after post-breach penalties.

Your staff is your army, your first line of defense. Before you send them out to war, you need to train them and arm them with the knowledge they need to protect your village. Not everyone can come back from a devastating attack like Jon Snow, even a girl with no name. What are you waiting for? Winter is coming!