Break the Mold with Stellar Customer Service

Companies with new products generally lack good customer support at the beginning of their product launch. However, when you find a product and company that does break the mold, you should shout about it—and ‘shouting’ is what the new company Yard Rents just did.

Yard Rents is a new business in the Portland area. Essentially, they’re an outdoor and indoor equipment rental company that delivers and picks up what you need, when you want it and where you need it. Simply go online, select what you need and then ‘presto’ there they are with a van full of what you ordered.

This company is a perfect merger of internet freedom plus real live customer service. Upon delivery, they helped connect the equipment, instruct me on the usage, test the starting of the engine … and even made sure that I was wearing the right safety devices.

“Holly paradigm shift Batman!” (If you are old enough to remember the TV series Batman and Robin, you enjoyed that quote … if not old enough, sorry.)

These guys have taken the aloof sense of the internet and personalized it to the point where I feel as connected to them as I do any brick and mortar company I do business with. No more will I haunt rental companies, stand in their lines, and tout heavy equipment around … never again. Just point click and open the front door to a smiling, knowledgeable Yard Rents team member.

See them at (Portland, Oregon area only for now).

And … while you’re in the learning mood, take a look at your customer service departments. Would someone ‘shout’ about them? One look and you may see a cross section of employees that certainly know how to communicate electronically…but can they successfully communicate to your patients and clients?

Give them the training they need to become ambassadors of your organization.