Educating your teams on the dark side of social media

sharing on social media

Technology is grand; cellphones are like mini computers that fit in your pocket! A report by SilkRoad Technology found that 75% of healthcare employees check personal social media at least once a day on their mobile devices during working hours, and 60% access it multiple times.

So as a professional working in the healthcare industry, how do you balance posting personal information on social media? It’s like basketball—you need a strong offense and a strong defense. Your team has to know the x’s and o’s; there has to be a game plan, communication, education, and practice. Those facets have to come together in a cohesive plan; the teams that do that, win. Those that don’t, well…they don’t win.

So how do you protect your staff, your patients and your organization without going back to 1980 (although that was a good year)? Help your employees do social media right by creating your playbook:

  • Create a social medial policy, make it clear, and enforce it.
  • Educate employees to understand PHI – all of it.
  • Educate through example – show them examples of posts that are wrong, so they can do it right.
  • Educate, educate, educate. HIPAA and compliance is not a one-and-done.
  • Expand your team to every department in your organization and make sure they know their role and responsibilities.
  • Secure your technology through data encryption, password protocols and a platform that will protect all your data.
  • Encourage everyone to be aware of violations and allow the ability to report violations anonymously.

You can’t live in a technology-free environment. Embrace it, but understand it. Don’t go socially viral for the wrong reasons!